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10 Reasons to miss South Africa

10 Reasons to miss South Africa.

1) A braai the traditional way.


A cold castle lager in one hand and braai tongs in the other - A typical South African stereotype that is probably true - Biltong for starters with the rugga (rugby) on in the back ground, whilst the women skinner(gossip) over a glass of wine, or three.

You don’t get that atmosphere anywhere else in the world.


2) This might sound ridiculous, but the South African accent.


When South Africans move aboard they can get lost in translation, your words suddenly have no meaning.

Just a few words that will give you a funny expression when said out of Africa:

Robot vs traffic light

Bathrooms vs Loo

Pudding vs dessert

Petrol vs Gas

The worst is the fact that its lekker when its going great and kak when it’s not, those words are always just spot on – you cannot compare.


3) The weather and the seasons.


Nowhere in the world compares to the seasons in South Africa.

“They say you don’t realise what you have till it’s gone”, and it’s true.

Once you’re abroad you realise how perfect the weather is in SA and how you took it for granted J

4) The privilege of FREE public toilets!


Although the public toilets aren’t the most hygienic in SA, they are not too bad compared to China and India.

The best part about about them is, they are FREE and you don’t need to stress about carrying a few coins around when you are out for a day of shopping.

There is nothing worse than being caught in a public place with no money on you to go relieve yourself.


5) Lost the Adventure yet?


South Africa is known as the Adventure Capital of the world.

Home to the highest commercial bungee jump in the world ( Bloukrans Bungy -

South African weekend activities can also include: river rafting, abseiling, hiking, horse riding, paragliding and 4 x 4 routes.

Life never seemed so exciting, hey?


6) Is it just me or are South Africans a lot more friendly?


To those already abroad I’m sure you have asked yourself this question…

When you happen to kick your pinky toe on the corner of the desk or you drop your cell phone, in South Africa, someone will sympathetically apologise even though it wasn’t their fault.

Shop attendants that greet you and smile at you in a cheesy way or even ask if you would like some help.

7) Don’t lie, you miss that annoying petrol attendant that washes your windscreen when you’re in a hurry.


What other country in the world has other people fill your tank and washes your windscreens (Yes, sometimes all 6 of them) while you reply to a Facebook post or a WhatsApp message? I can only think of 1.


8) The fact that South Africa is well known for SAFARIES.


Lions, Wildebeest, Cheetahs, Rhino and Elephants…

Yes you see them running around enjoying freedom and not locked up in a zoo cages.

Running around free, as in a nature reserve, not your auntie’s back yard.

Speaking of which, SA, Zimbabwe and Mozambique are tearing down fences between game parks across those borders to create a 13 500 square mile game reserve. Soon to be the largest in the world. It is said to be bigger than Switzerland, Belgium or Taiwan.

Go Africa!


9) For all you extreme cheapskates!


South Africa provides the cheapest electricity in the world!

So besides the struggle of load shedding, thanks Eskom!


10)  Cape Town.


Cape Town holds 2 amazing world treasures.


*Table Mountain, one of the oldest mountains in the world and home to more species of plants that the entire United Kingdom.

*Cape Route 62, the longest wine route in the world. It measures up to 850km from Cape Town to Port Elizabeth.


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