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17 Ways To Save Money In 2017

17 Ways to Save Money in 2017

Saving money is something that most of us aim to do, but not all of us achieve. As we start off a new year, with fresh goals and good intentions; we have put together a list of our top 17 saving methods to convert your saving dreams into actual dough.

    1. Set Goals:

    The saying “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail” is true to many aspects of life including our finances. It is essential to set and physically write down realistic financial goals for the year; denoting income, spending and saving goals.

    2. Budget:

    Compile a comprehensive budget of monthly expenses and remember to include a monthly savings plan. Then most importantly – stick to it.

    3. Track Your Spending:

    Save all of your receipts each month, and take a couple of hours to put these into a spreadsheet at the end of the month. By looking at what exactly you spend your money on, you will be able to more easily identify where you are over spending, and where there is room to save more. Adjust your budget to reflect your revised saving goals.

    4. Reduce Your Monthly Municipal Bills:

    When it comes to water and electricity bills, there is always room to save. Do some research into saving methods and implement these in your home.

    5. Reduce Your Monthly Fixed Costs:

    Take a look at your fixed monthly expenses such as cell phone bills and insurances. Are you on the best plan that provides you with optimum cover at the best price? Consulting with a broker who specialises in these plans can be very advantageous as they will be equipped with the relevant, up to date knowledge to advise you with.

    6. Make Alternate Choices:

    Don't reach for the most well known brand name. Try out some store-brand value products and enjoy the savings that come with them.

    7. Do Not Go Shopping Without a Shopping List:

    Write down a list of everything you need to buy when you are shopping – and stick to it. Do not purchase impulse items that are not on your list and that you do not actually need.

    8. Avoid Impulse Shopping:

    Use the 30 day rule: if there is something you really want, but do not essentially need, wait 30 days before deciding whether to purchase it or not. You will often find the impulse to buy it is no longer there 30 days later.

    9. Shop Over Sales Periods:

    End of season sales and sale days such as Black Friday offer great value. Wait to purchase your large value and non essential items over these sale periods.

    10. Create a Separate Savings Account:

    Do not leave your savings in your current account – they become too tempting to spend and do not provide you with the higher interest levels that saving accounts do.

    11. Use an Automated Savings Plan:

    Set up a monthly debit order to move your savings out of your current account and straight into your savings account shortly after you have been paid each month. This will ensure your savings do not merge with your spending money each month.

    12. Understand Your Credit Card:

    There are many advantages of having a credit card – and these usually provide you with additional benefits that your cheque card does not. However, make sure you are aware of the fees and interests associated with it. It is possible to take advantage of the benefits without the giving into the temptation of spending credit you are not able to pay back before interest is incurred.

    13. Pay Your Monthly Accounts Upfront Annually:

    Many fixed monthly accounts (for services such as television, insurance and such) can be paid upfront for the year, which provides you with a discounted fee. Take advantage of such payment options and save on your fixed costs.

    14. Avoid Purchasing Items on Credit:

    Rather than purchasing items on an account based system and incurring interest on your purchase, save for the items you want and pay for them with cash. Cash is king.

    15. Use Voucher Codes, Coupons and Customer Rewards Programs:

    There are so many Customer Rewards Programs and companies offering discounts with coupon codes to encourage you to use their services. Take advantage of these. Additional savings are always a benefit.

    16. Consult with a Tax Specialist:

    There are many ways to legally and ethically reduce your tax payments, most of which you will not know about unless you are a tax specialist. For this reason it is a good idea to set up a meeting with a tax specialist in which you go through all of your monthly expenses and tax payments, in order to see where you can save money and claim back in your tax payments.

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Happy New Year!
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