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Advantages of buying property abroad.

Advantages of buying property abroad.

Diversify your holdings.

Your property value could keep increasing whilst the local market is not looking great. This is a great bonus! Like they say, "Don't keep your eggs all in one basket. "Make sure to do your research and analyse previous years' markets to ensure you are getting an idea of whether your investment will thrive or perish.

Passive Income.

When you set up an investment property abroad, you can bring in consistent income though rent.

"But how will I manage my investment?"

Not to worry, property rental management companies do it all for you. They control repairs and maintenance of the property, liaise between landlord and tenant, they also send you your monthly rent- which you could do using Exchange4free:

It really is ideal for those close to retirement and those only needing a passive source of income.

Free Vacation Accommodation.

When owning property around the world you don't need to stress about rent or booking into a hotel when you go on vacation. You have free accommodation abroad and the property is owned by none other than YOU!

Tax Situation.

Living in a property long enough can help you out with the tax situation.

Residents could qualify as a second home, which could shift the tax situation in your favour. Some countries allow you to deduct mortgage interest on your taxes on properties that are considered second homes.

Fancy lowering you tax bill by just taking a vacation?

Retiring never looked so good.

Opening the door to retiring abroad. A place where you can just "hang your hat" and enjoy the retirement life! Relax in the country of your choice.

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