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Exchange4free Licensed as an Independent Money Transfer Operator in South Africa

Exchange4free are very excited to announce that we have been appointed as an Authorised Dealer in foreign exchange with limited authority in South Africa to operate as an independent Money Transfer Operator by the South African Reserve Bank.

We have been issued with the new Category 3 Money Transfer Operator license allowing ‘person to person’ remittances out of South Africa under our own licence.

This is a major step for both Exchange4free and South African remittance customers who are currently paying 10% to 30% to move their money out of the country.

Exchange4free will significantly reduce the costs of transferring small amounts of money out of the country with the following benefits:

  • All inclusive remittance costs of 2% to 6%
  • Send money ONLINE 24 hours a day, 7 days a week or call our E4F HELPLINE
  • Transfer money to over 100 countries including over 250,000 cash payout locations
  • No swift transfer fees, commissions or hidden costs

Register now at or call us on 011 453 7818 for more information.

Limits are as follows:

  • R5,000 per transaction per day
  • R25,000 per month
  • R120,000 per annum

This new foreign exchange service adds to our strong suite of products offered to clients in South Africa as follows

  • Retail Remittances: Send money for free to over 100 countries worldwide at a 'Best Price Guarantee'
  • Private Client Foreign Exchange: The market leader in R4M Foreign Investment Allowances, R1M Discretionary Allowances and Formal Emigration services
  • Business Forex: Import and export foreign exchange services
  • Send Money into South Africa: Send money for free from over 40 countries into South Africa. Great rates, no fees and no receiving fees charged by SA banks.

Contact us should you have any queries or need further assistance.
Follow our blog to keep up to date on all we have to offer. 

Exchange4free is transforming the way you send money around the world! 
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