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Expat Tips For Living In Dubai

Expats tips for Dubai

Thinking of going to Dubai on a family vacation or planning your big move abroad? It can be difficult sometimes to fit in with a new culture, you have to learn to respect the majority (which is probably NOT you). Here are some friendly heads up on what not to do in Dubai...

1. Do not drink alcohol in public. Dubai is one of the most lenient places in the Muslim world when it comes to alcoholic drinks, but, when visiting or planning on moving their be respectful of their rules, or you could get into a lot of trouble. Foreigners are allowed to consume alcohol in their own homes, ONLY if they obtain a licence. So make sure you get that licence before having a booze cruise with your friends at home. If you are staying in a hotel find out if they are licensed first before you decide to have a sip of wine. A friendly warning, public inebriation is not tolerated in Dubai, so make sure to sober up before you decide to leave the hotel, club or your house! 2. Don’t bother bringing that portable speaker. Playing loud music and even dancing in public areas is against the law UNLESS you are on an official dance floor. So if loud music and dancing is your thing be sure to look out for the official dance floors before you head off on holiday! 3. Sorry honey mooners, no PDA whatsoever! Public Display Of Affection (PDA) is a big NO NO. Be sure to keep your make out sessions completely private. Even a friendly kiss on the cheek can be frowned upon. 4. Right hand only. Sorry to all the left handed people moving to Dubai, now's the time to become ambidextrous. In the Muslim culture the left hand is connected with bodily hygiene, therefore it wouldn't be wise to greet with your left hand or hand somebody something or even serve food with your left hand(you might get some unpleasant facial expressions). It is okay to drink with your left hand but that’s about it. 5. Typical tourists. Be wary when snapping shots of this beautiful country, it is rude and invasive to take pictures of locals, especially a women, while taking pics of the scenery. 6. Cover them limbs! Before you go to a place like Dubai on holiday, be sure to look up foreign rules that you may not be used to and take them seriously, you wouldn’t want someone to invade your country and offend you! Ladies especial, this rule applies to you, and those few guys out there, shoulders and knees should be covered at all time while out in public #respecttheculture. Thinking of sending money to Dubai? - International Money Transfer Made EASY!
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