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Good News for South African Tour Operators

Good News for South African Tour Operators

The South African Government has recently announced that South Africa, in the near future, will change its’ visa rules in favour of foreigners with children and tourists from China, Russia and India after figures have shown a drop in the tourism numbers in South Africa.

Tourists are drawn by South Africa's natural wonders such as The Kruger National Park and Table Mountain it is hard to turn down these exquisite sites. Why have the numbers decreased?
Well, foreigners are finding it extremely difficult to get visas and it was certainly reflected in South Africa's poor revenue. Hopefully this $540 million (per year) change will terminate this problem.

The Department has declared that the rule of parents forcing to carry a child full, unshortened birth certificate whilst visiting South Africa will be relaxed and will only allow the original or certified copy to be present during the visa application stage.

Tourism Minister, Derk Hanekom, said the rules had to be relaxed due to the massive decrease in tourist numbers. Derk was reassured by Home Affairs Minister, Malusi Gigaba that the reason for harsh rules was to decrease the child trafficking activity in South Africa.

South Africa is now considering erecting a visa-waiver for countries such as China, India and Russia as well as visas on arrival for visitors who have valid visa for Britain, United States of America, Canada or any other country that apply strict checks.


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