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Hong Kong vs Singapore

Hong Kong vs Singapore

“Hong Kong is the best place for expats to advance their careers, but study finds Singapore the best place to live”

Hong Kong is said to be the
best place in world for expats to work and grow within a company as it is a good destination for expats with high earning potential. Hong Kong is an attractive place to work due to its location, well-developed infrastructure and low taxation. It is a regional hub for banking and finance. Expertise in these areas are needed and there is also a demand for accounting and legal skills. Other great industries for expats in Hong Kong include marketing, communications, human resources and IT. Teaching English as a foreign language is also a popular expat favourite.

Due to The Global Cities Index Hong Kong is rated better globally connected than Singapore, it measures global engagement of cities across five dimensions: business activity, human capital, information exchange, cultural experience and political engagement.

Besides the fact that is has the best economic freedom, unlike most cities where people have established circles of friends, in Hong Kong, people come and go so often that there is a distinct lack of cliques, which is quite refreshing.

Singapore, on the other hand is rated the best country to live in.

The Asian city state was voted for it’s safe streets, plentiful job opportunities, high wages and the range of things to see and surprisingly more than two-thirds of respondents living there said their life was better in Singapore than it had been in their previous home country.

This country has a wider variety of food and is a lot more cyclist friendly compared to Hong Kong, the possibility of drinking alcohol in public is legal is a lot more likely than the rivalry county. I would say Singapore is a lot more of a social living country compared to Hong Kong.

Singapore vs Hong Kong is quite controversial as Hong Kong is said to be the best place for expats to work yet Singapore have a lower unemployment rate sitting at 1.9% vs Hong Kong sitting at 3.2%. Hmmm, it gets you thinking...

Singapore has different benefits to Hong Kong and they are both extraordinary countries on their own, depending on what country suits your needs you’ll find them both very different.

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