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How Scandinavian countries are doing it right!

How Scandinavian countries are doing it right!

1. Sweden pays close to 60% of their salaries towards taxes and government fees, BUT they get it back in excellent child care, hospitals, old people’s homes and jails. In fact, Sweden was ranked 8th in the world for their quality of their health care system and 5th for their level of education.

2. In Finland all pregnant women get a state-provided starter kit, regardless of their socio-economic background, this kit includes formula, diapers, warm clothing for the baby, blankets, wipes, disinfectants, bottles, pacifiers, a toy, sanitary towels and many more of the basic motherly needs. This is why Finland has one of the lowest infant mortality rates in the world.

3. To make sure kids get equal attention from both mum and dad, fathers are encouraged to take two months paternity leave in Sweden. It’s the most generous paternity law in the world, and they’re currently looking to extend it. Go Sweden!
4. In Denmark offices rarely stay open after 5pm, and working on weekends is unheard of. Even though it may sound like they don’t work as hard, Denmark is ranked #1 as the best country for business on the Forbes list. The idea is that families can then always eat together. Oh yeah, and Copenhagen is the world’s happiest city.

5. Finland education system have no uniforms, no entrance exams, no fees, no league tables and no inspections by the office for standards in education. No one starts school until they’re 7 years old, and dividing children into sets based on ability is illegal. Kids address teachers by their first names, and no one ever gets more than 30 minutes of homework a night. And yet, since 2000, Finland has topped pretty much every educational league table ever.

6. The NHS in Norway or Sweden allow you to get an appointment the same day you request it. Thinking about having a baby? Once you’ve given birth, you’ll get a three-day retreat in a patient hotel with 24-hour midwives at your beck and call, FOR FREE!!!

7. Eukonkanto, is a genuine sport in Scandinavia. Men carry their wives through obstacle courses and get beer-based prizes according to how heavy their wives are. This is considered a sport.

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