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How to Make that Payday Feeling Last Through the Month!

How to Make that Payday Feeling Last Through the Month:

Payday on many peoples calender's is a monthly celebration; we go from scraping by the week prior into a state of (shortly lived) affluence. As we end wrap up the first month of 2017 and receive our first paycheck of the year, we have put together a handful of ways to make that payday feeling last the whole month through. Helping you to start of 2017 the right way!

    Step 1: Calm Down!

    Yes, we know... your account balance is suddenly at a very encouraging figure and the payday high has made you feel financially invincible and excited. The urge to go out and spend, spend, spend is very real. But don't! Just don't.

    Step 2: Budget Reality Check!

    Seeing the reality of where all of your money has been allocated to within the structure of your budget, is always a very sobering moment. It is at this point that you realize the figure currently represented in your bank balance is in fact destined for expenses that do not include dinner at the over priced restaurants and a designer outfit.

    Step 3: Plan!

    We all have a certain amount in our budget allocated to “the nice things in life”. Be this entertainment, personal grooming, spending money and so on. Write out a list of how you intend to spend this allocation in your budget (yes – actually write it out), then take a look at your calendar for the month ahead and schedule these in. Make sure you do not cluster them all for the beginning of the month – spread out your luxuries to give you things to look forward to the whole month through. The best part about this is, you wont need to feel guilty about these or like you are robbing your end-of-the-month-self, because your luxury spending will fall within your budget plan.

    Step 4: Get Creative – Change Your Mindset!

    Many of us fall into the trap of rewarding ourselves with things and experiences that cost money. The truth is – there are many lovely ways to lift our spirits that do not cost a thing. A great principle to live by is to make sure you do one thing a day that is just for you. This could be many things – exercising, lying in the sun, reading a book, taking yourself to the movie, or indulging in a favourite meal. Once again, put pen to paper and write an actual list of things that you can do that you enjoy and make you happy. Make sure your list favors those activities that don't cost a thing. Then every day indulge in one of these. Spoil yourself daily.

    Step 5: Continue to Save!

    There are many ways in which we can save on our current spending – last week we dedicated an entire blog post to bringing you some crafty saving tips – be sure to check it out if you haven't already. There is nothing better than saving even more than you anticipated to and end the month with money to spare. A simple and easy way to achieve this is by saving money on your international money transfers. By using Exchange4free you are not only guaranteed the best forex rate, you also benefit from zero commissions and zero fees on all amounts. Go to today to start saving.

By following the above steps you will beat the “payday binge” and “end of the month purge” routine and leave yourself feeling happy, content and never without. Take back control of your month!

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