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International Travel Payments Made Simple With Exchange4free!

International payments made simple with Exchange4free

Using the bank for international payments can be a complicated and very costly process - with banks charging you numerous fees and commissions that we wouldn’t normally think about.

When making and accepting international payments through your bank you can incur high forex conversion fees, sending and receiving fees, as well as other hidden commissions or admin charges.

Considering the costly nature of this process, finding an alternative solution to using the bank would be highly advised.

The Solution:

    At Exchange4free we offer the most cost effective, secure and efficient solution to our clients. We offer all-inclusive forex rates, which means that we do not charge our customers any sending or receiving fees normally associated with making and receiving payments through your bank. 

    What’s more – our best price guarantee means that if you can find a lower price and cost in the market we will not only match it but beat it.

    Exchange4free work with over 500 travel and tourism companies both within Africa and internationally offering the most convenient, reliable, secure and cost effective solution to your personal and business international money transfers:

  • Send money and make payments for free to over 100 countries worldwide
  • Accept online EFT and Alternative payments
  • No Sign Up Fees
  • Zero Commissions or Hidden Fees
  • Whether you are an international travel company making payments worldwide or an inbound travel agent receiving payments from overseas clients then Exchange4free can help you to start saving today.

Accepting International Travel Payments:

    Exchange4free offer businesses the cheapest and easiest way to get paid from overseas customers!

    Accept International Bank Transfer (EFT) Payments from clients in over 40 countries worldwide for free with no receiving fees charged by your bank. Your international client simply pays into a local bank account in their own country and in their own currency. This means great savings for both you and your clients. You can also accept card and other alternative payments from just 2.5% from over 100 countries.

    You get paid quickly and easily by:

  • Sending a simple payment request to your client
  • Setting up an online payment button on your website (just 10 lines of code), Or
  • Integrating our payment platform into your online booking system.
Making International Travel Payments:

Exchange4free offer travel payments the ability to make international payments to over 100 countries at bank beating exchange rates, no fees or hidden costs, and zero commissions.

Login and book an online FX rate and payment 24 hours a day, 7 days a week or call our FX dealing desk to speak to one of our consultants.

For more information and to get started with the most cost effective, secure and efficient international payments simply register at

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