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Must Have Apps For Expats Abroad

Must Have Apps For Expats Abroad!

Smart Traveler:

This awesome app is a great way to stay safe when abroad. It supplies you with embassy locations as well as updates on security alerts and maps. This app will keep you well informed #EliminateTheWorry.


This useful app helps convert all the various measurements from around the world. From kilometres to shoe and clothing sizes, this app will help you make some important decisions whilst living abroad.

TuneIn Radio:

There is no shame in feeling home sick! This app lets you tune into your favourite home radio stations no matter where you are in the world.

Lingolook Flashcards:

Need help breaking the language barrier? No stress this app is loaded with 500 basic words in seven different languages. This is a huge advantage if you are wanting to fit in with the locals.


For a person who isn’t a local, finding a public toilet can be a difficult task. This app locates the nearest public toilets as well as their “style” of commode.

World Customs and Cultures:

This is a wonderful app that helps you from committing a disastrous social blunder whilst visiting other cultures.

Lonely Planet City Guides:

I will admit this app is a bit pricey but it really is well worth it. There is nothing better than having a personal travel guide, without broadcasting to the entire community that you are a tourist. This comes in real handy as there is info already loaded on the app and therefore does not use up your data when using it.

Wifi Finder:

This has to be the ultimate best! Everyone is always looking for wifi spots when abroad. This app a huge money saver, with over 650 000 locations, you can find the nearest wifi spot wherever you are in the world. - International Money Transfers made EASY!

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