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Receive Travel Payments From The USA TODAY!

Receive Travel Payments From The USA TODAY!

Exchange4free are now once again live with ACH DEBIT payments from the USA.

Integrate a simple 'Pay Online' button onto your website in a few minutes to receive EFT & Credit Card Payments from over 100 countries at a fraction of what the bank is charging you!

Your client simply pays in USD into a local bank account in the USA via ACH Debit.

  • Great Forex Rates
  • No International Transfer Fees for your Payer
  • No Inbound Receiving Fees charged by your Bank

Save up to 20% on receiving your next payment from the USA.SIGN UP NOW!

How It Works:

Our system converts the AMOUNT OWED into your overseas client's OWN LOCAL CURRENCY for them to simply pay into a BANK ACCOUNT IN THEIR OWN COUNTRY.
No hassles, no fees and great forex rates!

Set up a Payment Button on your Website in 5 minutes:

1. Register Online

2. Login using your Member ID and Password.

3. Go to 'Receive Money' and 'Create Your Bank Account' into which you want to be paid.

4. Go to 'Receive Money' and 'Payment Settings' and copy your unique 'Pay Online Button Integration – Account Code'

5. Copy and paste the HTML Code into your website

6. You are now ready to start receiving payments from overseas via your website.

Start Receiving Travel Payments with Exchange4free and get paid from over 100 countries TODAY!

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