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Saving Money the EASY way in 2016!

Saving Money the EASY way in 2016! 

We could all do with a little bit more cash in our bank account. Lets face it, inflation is a reality. Everything increases over time except for most of our salaries,so we will need to do more with what we have. All it takes is a little more planning and some small habit changes.
Lets begin…

1. Cut Down Your Monthly Bills.

Look into everything you pay in detail, yes this might take more effort than usual. One example, check if you really need that extra 100 bucks that appears on your cellphone bill, that you usually have no idea what it’s for. Do you need the full DSTV package that is home to 1000 channels, when really you only watch a solid 10 channels. Ever thought of capping your wifi? Ofcourse not, but I'm sure you could save a few bucks there.

2. Eating At Home Is Not Is Bad As You Think.

This might be the most obvious one, but you’d be surprised at how studies show that the biggest budget eater, literally, is dining out. Even that sneaky take away for lunch/dinner, it may not seem like much at the time, but it all adds up at the end of the month. Save moola and dine at home, there really isn't anything better than a good home cooked meal. Get creative, cook a new meal every week and make it fun!

4. Take Full Advantage Of Employee Benefits.

Not all of us have this privilege, but for those of you who do, use it! Many full time workers are unaware or are too lazy and ignore their employee benefits their company offers them. Whether it be medical aid, pension funds or a car allowance, get the most out of saving!

5. Are You Over-insured?

As your circumstances in life change, so do your insurance needs.Make sure you are on track with the suited insurance needs for you and your assets.If there is a way to decrease your insurance do it, but make sure that everything is still fully covered.

6. Free Entertainment

Tone down on your entertainment budget and take advantage of the many free things to do one weekends! Ride your bike, go for a hike or spend a sunny day on the day on the beach. You will be surprised at how much you can save if you opt for free weekend entertainment. (Don’t forget to pack a picnic to save money on lunch)

7. Money Transfers

Are you running an international business or working abroad? SAVE when sending or receiving money internationally with Exchange4free. Contact us today and setup an account in under 2 minutes!

We charge NO commissions, NO signup fees and our rates are literally unbeatable. (Just another way to save!)

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