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Top European Countries to Invest in Property

Top European Countries to Invest in Property

Are you thinking of purchasing property in 2016? A property is one of the greatest assets you can invest your money into if you get it right. They say when investing money you should never keep your eggs all in one basket, which is why property is quite a popular one for investors. Here are some popular hits for 2016… 1. Hungary, Budapest Budapest is the capital of Hungary and ranks as one of the top destinations in Europe. When looking at foreign property, investment in Budapest is a popular option for many. Any foreigners can purchase property in the city and receive great benefits such as appreciation and rental yields. Real estate prices are, to a large extent, lower than other European capital cities. Budapest has a strong economic growth pattern, and Hungary continues to contribute over 80% of the Gross Domestic Product alone in the private sectors. -Stats taken from: 2. Skopje, Macedonia The home of Mother Theresa of Calcutta is a magnificent place to invest in property! The city is rich in high yields and not only are the transaction costs low but the income taxes are moderate as well.   3. Amsterdam, Netherlands There is expected to be a broad-based economic growth for the Dutch economy in 2016 which is positive development for the housing market. Employment is picking up and disposable household income will continue to rise. Netherlands is looking great for blooming property prospects. -Stats taken from: 4. Istanbul, Turkey With a strong economy and low mortgage rates, there is a rise in demand for property in this city. There are just so many positives in this market's fundamentals. Istanbul took third place in the Knight Frank Wealth Report 2015 for the world's hottest luxury property markets and it continues to thrive. 5. Zagreb, Croatia Zagreb has strong tourist rental market but a shift of investors interest from office and retail property sector, towards hotel and hospitality industry is expected in 2016. -Stats taken from Turkey economic report 2014.

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