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Valencia - Spain’s hidden treasure

Valencia - Spain’s hidden treasure

Unfortunately Valencia is not the top or most popular travel destination in Spain. It may be unknown to most but not less interesting. In fact, Valencia is a fantastic beautiful big city, friendly and very clean, with one of the largest sandy beach areas in Spain. You're probably thinking to yourself “why should I visit there?

Here are some reasons why you should…

Spain's third largest city is home to a magical town called Old Town, which is made up of a network of complex streets. It has several old churches and beautiful old architecture. The Cathedral is the main attraction there and for 2 euros, you can meander up to the top of the Miquelet (Cathedral tower) and see the whole of Old Town from the city's skyline.

Not only does Valencia have beautiful street art, but fans of architecture will love the rows of Art Nouveau buildings and the older buildings are true gems of Iberian architecture. Walk the streets and alleyways with walls covered in incredible and carefully-created graffiti works done by local artists.

Well they say life is just better at the beach!

One of Valencia's riches is it’s LONG and WIDE beach, about 3.5 km in length and a maximum width of 170m. Covered in pure clean sand that wouldn’t leave a scratch on your feet, crystal blue water that reflects the gorgeous sunlight. Indeed, it is one of the quieter beaches in Spain, but the sound of the waves are quite therapeutic.

Another impressive attraction is the “City of Arts and Sciences” , located in the green park-like area. It is composed of several monumental buildings, which may feel somewhat alien to the visitor. Home to Museums, auditoriums, even aquariums, where you can admire exotic sea- and ocean life. Definitely a wonderful place to visit for young people and for families with children.

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