can I send money for free from the united kingdom?

Can I send money for free from the United Kingdom?

Yes. Exchange4free clients can send money for free to over 100 countries worldwide from the United Kingdom.

Simply follow the below process to send money for free from the United Kingdom:

  • Register an account at
  • Complete step 2 by sending us clear copies of your ID/Passport and Proof of Address to
  • Login using your Member ID and Password
  • Choose to send money from the United Kingdom and your sending currency
  • Choose your destination country and currency
  • Book and fix an exchange rate online
  • Create your beneficiary bank account where you want the money to be paid
  • Send your money to Exchange4free
  • We will then make payment to your chosen beneficiary in the destination country

Exchange4free enables our clients to send money online for free from the United Kingdom via our advanced online remittance platform.

You can login and book an exchange rate online or call our foreign exchange dealing room for a quote.

Banks and other Money Transfer Companies will charge a transfer fee and may even charge commissions to send money worldwide. In addition to this they will also charge their clients a foreign exchange conversion fee.

Exchange4free offer a unique service and pricing model in that clients can send money from the United Kingdom for free. There are no hidden costs, no international transfer fees and zero commissions.

Contact us for an unbeatable quote now.