cheapest way to transfer money to australia

Cheapest Way to Transfer Money to Australia

If you're trying to find the cheapest way to transfer money to Australia, you will have to compare the different transfer methods and a few important categories.

International Money Transfer Methods

  • using your local bank to send funds from your local account to a recipient in another country
  • using a money transfer company to send your money overseas

Important Aspects for Comparison

  • the exchange rate being are quoted for your transfer
  • what fees and costs will be charged to send your money abroad
  • how long will it take for your transfer to be completed

For more information on the above, see how to send money to Australia

Why is Exchange4free to cheapest way to transfer money to Australia?

  • we charge no transfer fees or receiving fees

International transfer or swift fees can be as much as $20-40 (AUD) for certain transactions. Receiving fees are also charged by banks to accept international funds. These funds can be as much as $60 (AUD) and will be taken off the total amount that your beneficiary receives. We will cover these transfer costs and receiving fees that most banks and money transfer companies charge to their clients. This will result in you will paying less to send your funds and your beneficiary receiving more money into their account.

  • we out-price our competitors with great GBPAUD exchange rate quotes

We offer great exchange rate quotations on all our money transfers. You can book a rate on our online system, which will quote you a competitive live exchange rate for your transfer, or you can call our offices and get a rate directly from one of our FX Dealers on larger amounts.

Our pricing model equates to a significant cost-saving solution for our clients sending money around the world and making international payments.

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