Compare Money Transfers to Nigeria

Compare Money Transfers to Nigeria

Exchange4free offer clients the cheapest money transfers to Nigeria with the below table comparing the benefits of using Exchange4free versus high street banks and other money transfer companies.

Clients transferring money to Nigeria are charged a number of Hidden Costs by Banks and Money Transfer Companies which are not always disclosed to clients. The most notable of these hidden costs is the fact that Nigerian banks charge the recipient an inbound receiving feeĀ just to receive a payment from overseas into Nigeria.

These hidden costs greatly increase the cost of a money transfer to Nigeria particularly if the amount is small as these fees can account for over 50% of the total Nigerian Rand amount transferred.

Exchange4free guarantee the best and cheapest way to move money to Nigeria where we cover all the inbound receiving fees charged by Nigerian banks. In addition we charge no swift transfer fees and offer highly competitive NGN exchange rates making us the leading Nigerian money transfer company in the world.

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