Donate: Dave & Mary Anne Passaportis
At around midnight on the 19th August, Dave and Mary Anne Passaportis were viciously attacked in their home on Marere Farm, Trelawney.

They have thanked all for the love and concern shown towards their family, especially Dave and Mary Anne, this past week. They are humbled by the support they have received. Due to the many enquiries from folk who would like to support them financially, we have set up a donation button for them linked to a Trust account.

They have called the Trust the DAVID PASSAPORTIS TRUST Deed.

This Trust will help to cover their medical bills and daily living expenses due to loss of income for the foreseeable future. The Trust will be administered by Honey and Blanckenberg Attorneys, a reputable law firm which was established in 1893, and is the oldest legal firm in Zimbabwe.

Please use the button below to donate.