exchange control allowances sending money from south africa to the uk

Exchange control allowances: Sending money from South Africa to the UK

Private clients sending money from South Africa to the United Kingdom need to abide by Exchange Control Regulations governed by the South African Reserve Bank (SARB).

A private client may transfer money from SA to the UK under the following Exchange Control Allowances set out by the South African Reserve Bank:

  • R1 million Annual Discretionary Allowance
  • R4 million Foreign Investment Allowance
  • Formal Emigration Allowance

For more detailed information on each of the available allowances please read our article:

Private client allowances to move funds out of South Africa

The above are the most common allowances applicable for sending money out of South Africa to the UK.

For a full list of available allowances see theĀ South Africa Reserve Banks Exchange Control Manual

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For further information on sending money from South Africa please visit our website or call our South African office for assistance.