Exchange4free specialises in global payments and money transfers and the Exchange4free system was developed specifically to make the payment process quicker, easier and cheaper for everybody.

Why don't I just use my bank or another service provider?

Exchange4free offers a simple, user-friendly and cost effective alternative to banks and competitors.

We offer a payment system that enables our clients to accept EFT payments from over 40 countries worldwide for FREE as well as receive and process alternative payments from over 100 countries at highly competitive rates.

The Exchange4free system offers a highly competitive payment solution for both the Sender and Receiver.

What countries can I receive money from?

The Exchange4free system enables payment processing from over 100 countries worldwide.

Please CLICK HERE for a list of the countries from where the Exchange4free system enables international EFT payments. We are continually adding to this list, so please contact us if your country does not appear on the list.

Is it safe?


Exchange4free is regulated as a Payment Services Provider and Money Service Business and adheres to a strict Risk Management, Compliance and Anti-Money Laundering Programme.

All funds are held in segregated bank accounts ensuring the safety and security of client monies.

How long does my payment take?

Exchange4free is only able to pay funds out once payment has been received into our nominated bank accounts or a payment has been successfully completed by the payer.

You will receive funds within 24-48 hours of us receiving payment from the payer.

As soon as your funds have been received they are paid immediately to the clients chosen settlement bank account.

How much can I save?

It all depends on the size of the payment but we can generally save registered clients and payers anywhere between 3-10% of the Total Amount to be paid. The system offers significant savings to both the Sender and Receiver of the payment.

Do I receive confirmation or proof of my payment?

Yes. You will receive Emails and SMS's throughout the process informing you of the progress and status of your payment.

Is there a maximum I can pay?

No. There is no maximum that you can send or receive via the Exchange4free online system however we may call you to confirm details if it is a larger amount.

Can I use the payment services to accept donations?

Yes. Our payment system allows you to send payment requests via email to people all around the world. These payment requests contain a payment link for the payer. The link will take the payer to a secure payment page on our system where they can donate and make payment to you.

We are also able to setup is a 'donations button' or dedicated 'donations page'. This can be arranged in a matter of minutes. After clicking the button, people donating money to you will be taken to a secure payment page from which they can make a secure international payment. See as an example.

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