International EFT (Bank Transfer) payments are completely free. There are no charges whatsoever to you.

We charge a small FX conversion fee to your overseas payer only.

What are the benefits for my international payer?

Exchange4free offers the following great benefits to overseas payers:

We offer payers the cheapest way to send money and make international payments.

What countries can I receive payments from?

Private clients can only accept Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) payments from over 40 countries worldwide.

Corporate clients can accept both Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) payments from over 40 countries worldwide as well as Alternative Payments from over 100 countries.

Exchange4free continues to build our payment system.

Does Exchange4free process international study payments?


Exchange4free are a market leader in terms of processing international study payments to universities and schools in the UK, USA, Canada, Europe, Australia, South Africa and many other countries.

We can now process payments from highly exotic countries such as China, India, Russia, Nigeria and others