FAQ's - Technology Solutions

Why Partner Exchange4free?

Exchange4free are able to provide white label partners with the following full service solution:
  • Systems and Technology: State of the art fully branded money transfer system. Plug and play solution to be integrated into website, internet banking or branch networks.
  • Global Network: Instant access to a large global money transfer network (partners can add their own locations to our network and system). 250,000 global payout locations in over 100 countries (and growing)
  • Online Exchange Rates: Real-time exchange rates updated every 60 seconds. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Compliance: High level compliance, KYC and other regulatory checks in line with the latest anti-money laundering requirement. Exchange4free compliance department able to fully manage and control all compliance functions. OFAC and UK Treasury sanctions list checks.
  • Trading and Dealing: Trading and hedging executed and managed by Exchange4free dealers giving partners access to highly competitive hedging rates in over 100 currencies.
  • Risk Management: Exchange4free manage the foreign exchange risk on all transactions placed on the system by clients.
  • Back Office and Settlements: Exchange4free back office will manage all global receipts, payouts and trade settlements on behalf of partners.
  • Bank Accounts: Partners will be able to utilise Exchange4free’s global bank account network to both receive and deliver funds in a number of countries worldwide.
  • Credit and Debit Cards: Exchange4free enable clients worldwide to pay by Visa and Mastercard credit and debit cards.

Exchange4free offers a fully serviced plug and play white labelled remittance solution to licenced banks, MSB’s and other partners under your own brand allowing our white label partners to focus on growing and building your brand and business whilst Exchange4free takes care of everything else.

What Does It Cost?

Exchange4free will charge the White Label Partner one or a combination of the following:

Fixed Costs:

Exchange4free will charge a flat setup fee, minimum monthly fee and a per transaction fee to the white label partner.

Revenue Sharing Agreement:

Exchange4free will share total Net Revenue with the white label partner dependent on roles and responsibilities.

Exchange4free costs are highly competitive and dependent on volumes as well as countries and currencies being serviced.

Please note this service is only available to reputable, licenced banks and companies.

Important Note: Pricing is inclusive of all additional services including systems, technology, staff, compliance, back office, settlements, general administration, global bank accounts and networks, trading, dealing, risk management and live exchange rate feeds.

How Does It Work?

The system can be integrated in the following ways:
  • Websites: The front end website of any bank or MTO website
  • Internet Banking: Directly into internet banking platforms
  • Branches: Rolled out at branch level as a retail money transfer product offered by the bank or MTO

Important Note: Exchange4free offers white label partners the ability to set up, maintain, develop and promote a fully branded high level money transfer service with little to no investment in systems, technology, staff, compliance, development or any other major costs and commitments when setting up a money transfer business.

The setup and management of the business is effectively outsourced to Exchange4free who are one of the leading money transfer companies in the world with one of the very best systems in the market today.

The online system can be integrated and branded quickly and easily into the website and branches of any bank or Money Service Business (MSB).

How Do I Register as a White Label Partner?

Sign up with Exchange4free by simply completing the registration form found at the following link:
  • Register at https://exchange4free.com/RegisterAffiliate.html
  • Choose your own Affiliate Code and Password
  • Login to your Affiliate account
  • Set your own countries, exchange rate margins and transfer fees
  • Track and monitor all client registrations and transactions

Can I Choose My Countries?

Yes, you are able to select all the countries from where you would like your clients to send money out of (subject to licencing) as well as destination countries (as long as these countries are available on the Exchange4free list of countries. New channels can be added quickly and easily upon request):

Sending Countries: Exchange4free will activate sending countries according to licensing held by the bank or MSB, as well as other commercial factors

Destination Countries: You can select from the Exchange4free list which countries you would like activated on your system to which your clients can send money (over 100 countries)

Can I Set My Own Margins and Fees?

Yes, you are able to set your own exchange rate margins (benchmarked against the mid-interbank exchange rate) as well as set your own transfer fees to charge your clients (USD based).

White label clients have the ability to set and manage all pricing offered to clients.

Exchange4free will provide you with a login section to manage your pricing matrix and structures.

How Do I Earn Money?

White Label Partners are able to set the Margins and Fees in the system that you would like to charge your clients.

Any revenues are either shared between Exchange4free and the white label partner or Exchange4free charges a fixed setup, monthly and transaction fee. All revenues above these are then earned by the partner.

The white label pricing model adopted above by Exchange4free offers the following benefits to White Label Partners:
  • Highly competitive hedging exchange rates (volume dependent)
  • Low transfer fees

Important Note: Pricing is inclusive of all additional services including systems, technology, staff, compliance, back office, settlements, general administration, global bank accounts and networks, trading, dealing, risk management and live exchange rate feeds.

There are no additional hidden costs.

How is Net Revenue Calculated?

The Exchange4free system calculates Net Revenue as follows:

Exchange4free Hedge Rate
Less: Client Rate

= Gross Trading Revenue

Less: Inbound Collection Fees (being any actual base costs for Exchange4free to accept payment from the client)
Less: Payout or Disbursement Fees (being any actual base costs for Exchange4free to effect payout to the beneficiary)

= Net Revenue

The White Label Partner is solely responsible for any losses resulting from client defaults or fraud from its customers.

Exchange4free will provide a full breakdown of all transactions, associated costs and net revenue for each month to the White Label Partner.

What Does My Client See?

The system allows the White Label Partner to replace all Exchange4free names and details with their own which will then be shown to the client on the system as well as on all emails and SMS’s.

The system can be fully branded by white label partners under their own brand.

These changes would include the following:
  • Name of company
  • Email address
  • Telephone numbers
  • Fax number
  • Physical address

How Does the Online Money Transfer Process Work?

The process is as follows:

Step 1: Register
  • Client will register on your website and send in required KYC documents
  • A user account will be created on the Exchange4free system
  • Exchange4free compliance will review KYC documents and do compliance check
  • The client’s account will be activated and they will be sent an SMS and email from the White Label Partner

Step 2: Send Money Online

  • Client will login to the White Label Partner’s website using Member ID and Password
  • Book the transfer on the online system
  • Client will be sent an SMS and email from the White Label Partner
  • The transaction will feed into the Exchange4free backend management system as Pending
  • Exchange4free dealers will trade and hedge the deal

Step 3: Client Sends Money

  • Client will be instructed by the system to send money to Exchange4free for the above transaction
  • Once Exchange4free receive the money the transaction will be changed to Received
  • Client will be sent an SMS and email from the White Label Partner to confirm funds have been received

Step 4: Paying Out Funds

Exchange4free settlement team will pay funds out to the recipient (bank transfer, cash collection or mobile money transfer)
Client will be sent an SMS and email from the White Label Partner to confirm funds have been paid out

Transaction is complete

How Do I Integrate The System Into My Website?

The integration process is quick and easy and can be done by your own developer or Exchange4free can assist through the process.

Exchange4free will provide integration code and instructions to white label partners.

The Exchange4free IT team can assist White Label Partners with setting up, designing and integrating the system into your website.

White Label Partners: Monitoring Registrations and Transactions

White Label Partners can offer their clients the ability to transfer money online or in a branch at highly competitive exchange rates and low costs using one of the most advanced and secure online money transfer platforms in the world.

Exchange4free have created a login section where White Label Partners can do the following:
  • My Details: Update personal details including your company information to be displayed by the system to your clients
  • User Accounts: Monitor all client accounts and new registrations
  • Transactions: Track and monitor all client transactions being booked on your system
  • Margins and Fees: Set the specific exchange rate margins and transfer fees that you would like to charge per country
  • Pay-in Option Groups: Set default and other margins depending on the country from where the money is being sent

    The login section is an interactive system allowing White Label Partners to manage your entire business including registrations, transactions and pricing.