Fully Serviced White Label Remittance Solutions

Fully serviced, outsourced and white labelled FX and Money Transfer systems.

The Exchange4free Full Service White Label System is available to the following companies:

BanksMoney Transfer CompaniesFinancial Institutions
This service is only offered to companies that hold their own banking or money transfer licences as the service is a fully branded platform and system offered by Exchange4free where only the Bank's or MTA's brand is seen by the client.

White Label System and FX Solutions

It is a fully branded money transfer platform and system offered under the Bank's or MTA's own brand and name with the backend management serviced by Exchange4free. The full service white label solution is a great offering for those companies wanting to offer their clients their own fully branded money transfer service.

We offer the following benefits:

State of the art online money transfer systemLarge global money transfer networkOnline real-time exchange rates updated every 60 secondsMoney transfer system runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week250,000 global payout locations in over 100 countries
There are no setup costs charged by Exchange4free however this service is only available to reputable, licenced companies. The system can be integrated into the front end website of any bank or MTA or alternatively can be integrated directly into the internet banking platform as well as rolled out at branch level as a
money transfer product offered by the bank or MTA.

Exchange4free offers the following services as part of our Full Service White Label product:

Exchange4free will manage the entire money transfer operation, system and businessState of the art online money transfer system including all technological updates automatically feeding into the systemCompliance and regulatory requirementsForeign exchange trading and dealing across a wide range of currency pairsRisk management and hedgingGlobal settlements and payouts (bank payments and cash collections)Account opening and transaction monitoringAll day to day operations and back office servicesAccess to Exchange4free's global collection and payout network via the system

Exchange4free offers full white label partners the ability to set up, maintain, develop and promote a fully branded high level money transfer service with little to no investment in systems, technology, staff, development or any other major costs and commitments when setting up a money transfer business.

The setup and management of the business is effectively outsourced to Exchange4free who are one of the leading money transfer companies in the world with arguably one of the very best systems in the market today.