How do I send money from Canada to Zimbabwe?

How do I send money from Canada to Zimbabwe?

There are tens of thousands of Zimbabweans living and working in Canada.

It is very expensive to send money to Zimbabwe from Canada using Canadian banks and Money Service Businesses (MSB's) who charge high transfer fees and offer unfavourable exchange rates.

In addition to the above costs, Zimbabwean banks also charge a receiving fee of between USD 20 to USD 80 just to receive a payment from overseas.

All of the costs and exchange rates outlined above result in a very expensive way to send money from Canada to Zimbabwe.

Exchange4free are a leading global money transfer company specialising in helping people worldwide to send money into South Africa, including sending money into Zimbabwe.

We offer the following benefits to Zimbabweans living in Canada to send money from Canada to Zimbabwe for free:

  • Highly competitive exchange rates
  • No international transfer fees on all amounts sent to Zimbabwe
  • Zero commissions
  • We cover all inbound receiving fees charged by Zimbabwean banks

Clients can send money to Zimbabwe from Canada and have it delivered to your beneficiary in one of the following ways:

  • Bank Deposit: USD is paid into a bank account in Zimbabwe
  • Cash Pickup: USD cash can be collected at any CABS Bank branch across Zimbabwe

Please feel free to register a no-obligation account with Exchange4free Money Transfers or call our Forex Dealing desk for any help or a competitive quote.