How long does a money transfer take?

Money transfers through Exchange4free usually take between 0 (Immediate) and 3 Days depending on the destination country and payout type (bank deposit, cash or mobile wallet).

Please note that Exchange4free can only pay funds to your nominated recipient once we have received payment from our client.

Bank Transfers:

Clients first need to login, book a transfer online and send your money to Exchange4free. It usually takes between 1-3 business days for a currency transfer to clear into a beneficiaries account from the day that Exchange4free receives your funds. All international currency transfers are paid out within 24 hours, once we have received your cleared funds.

Please note that we are unable to pay out and complete currency transfers until we have received your funds and they have cleared into our bank account. It then takes 1-2 working days for your beneficiary to receive their money. This may vary and it will depend on the clearing time taken by the receiving bank.

Once completed, our system will send you both an Email and SMS confirming that your currency transfer has been completed (paid out by Exchange4free).

Cash Collections:

Cash collection transfers are available for collection normally within 24 hours of Exchange4free receiving cleared client funds. In some cash collection destinations the funds may be available for collection within hours of Exchange4free receiving your cleared funds.

You will be notified that your currency transfer and cash is available for collection at your chosen pay-out point.

Once completed, our system will send you both an Email and SMS confirming that your currency transfer has been completed. Please take not of the instructions and times stated on the correspondence from Exchange4free.