How to Receive Money from Overseas

Send a Payment Request or Integrate a simple 'Pay Online' button into your website!


Exchange4free offer online payment solutions to accept payments from overseas clients in 100 countries.

Send a Payment Request:

  • Login using your Member ID and Password
  • Set up an Overseas Payer on the system
  • Type in the Amount Owed
  • Choose their Country
  • Click Submit

This will send the payer a Secure Payment Link to click and make payment in their own currency to you in the following way:

  • Pay via EFT in their own currency into a local bank account in the payer's own country
  • Pay via an Alternative Payment Method (Low payment processing fees)

'Pay Online' button for your website:

  • Set up an online payment button for your website
  • Payer chooses their Country and types in the Amount owed
  • System converts Amount Owed into Payer's Own Local Currency

Payment Gateway Integration: API

  • Full service EFT (Bank Transfer) and Card payment solution integrated into your online booking system via an API