how to send money to australia from uk

How to Send Money to Australia from UK

We provide an alternative solution to using your local bank to send money to Australia from UK.

The main methods to send money internationally is to use a money transfer company or your local bank.

When comparing different services you should consider the following:

what exchange rate are they quoting me to do the transfer?

The bank or a money transfer company will quote you an exchange rate to send your money.

If you are sending money from the United Kingdom, they will quote you a GBPAUD rate or 'pound to aussie dollar rate'. This is the rate at which they will convert your British Pounds to Australian Dollars and determines how much money your beneficiary will receive. They will quote you a rate off the current interbank exchange rate, this is the rate at which the banks buy and sell currency in the interbank market and are updated every second.

In most cases you can get an exchange rate quote from the banks or MTOs online platforms. Alternatively, you should be able to call your local bank and ask them for a quotation or call your money transfer service for a quote. These rates will differ from company to company and between the different banks. The difference between the exchange rate you get and the interbank rate is called the exchange rate margin. You can get a rate anywhere between 0.5% to 5% off the interbank rate, depending on who is sending your money and the amount you're sending.

At Exchange4free you'll always get the best GBPAUD rate in the market. We quote very competitive rates compared to our competitors and our margins are between 0.1% and 2% off the interbank exchange rates. We'll even try to beat any genuine quote from our competitors.

What cost are they charging me to send my money?

The banks and most MTOs will charge a transfer fee to send your money from Australia to the United Kingdom. In some cases there will also be a receiving fee.

The transfer fee is sometimes referred to as an 'international swift transfer fee' and is charged when sending funds from one country to another through the banks. MTOs also charge a fee to process your transfer, but are generally lower than the fees that the banks charge. Your recipient or beneficiary may also be charged a receiving fee to receive the international funds from overseas. If this is the case, it will also have to be factored into the equation.

We offer a unique service where we cover the transfer and receiving costs which saves our clients and their recipients a considerable amount on all their money transfers to Australia.

How long will it take to complete my transfer?

Some banks can take up to 5 days to complete your money transfer. In most cases MTOs will complete your transfer in a shorter time frame.

At Exchange4free, our transfers take 2/3 working days to complete from the date that we receive your funds. For more information please see our send money online using our money transfer wizard article.

Send Money to Australia using Exchange4free

We can complete your transfer at a significant saving compared to using other services or your local bank owing to our great GBPAUD exchange rate pricing and our no transfer fee model.


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