how to send money to australia

How to Send Money to Australia

Thousands of people try to find out how to send money to Australia as well as these other questions:

  • is my money transfer service the best?
  • what is the best way to send money to Australia?
  • what are the main benefits of sending money with Exchange4free?

We have tried to answer the above questions with the most important information that you need to know.

There are two main ways to transfer money around the world. Each method has its advantages and disadvantages.

  • sending money through your local bank

You will most likely already have an account with your local bank so you won't have to register an account and provide any extra information or documents. You'll also be able to send straight from your bank account to your recipient's account. The negative side to using your local bank is that in most cases there will be transfer fees which increase the costs of sending your money. The banks also offer unfavourable exchange rates on your transfer and can take up to 5 days to complete your transfer.

On top of the transfer fee and poor exchange rate, your recipient's bank may also charge a receiving fee to receive the money from overseas. Factoring in the transfer fees and poor exchange rate effectively means your recipient/beneficiary will be receiving less Australian Dollars into their account then you intended to send them.

  • using a money transfer operator or MTO

There are many money transfer services available that you can use. MTOs will generally quote better exchange rates than your local bank and complete your transfer quicker. You will have to compare the different companies service offerings and decide what the best option is for you. You should focus on what fees they charge to do your transfer as well as what exchange rate they quote you to send your money.

Why should I send money to Australia using Exchange4free?

Exchange4free's money transfer service offering consists of a best price model on our money transfers.

  • Best AUD exchange rates guaranteed

We offer competitive AUD foreign exchange rates where we will always try to beat any genuine quote from competitors.

  • No international transfer or receiving fees

One of the main benefits of using Exchange4free is that you will not be charged any transfer fees, sending or receiving. This means our clients are able to send less local currency while their recipients receive more money.

You will also have get these great benefits:

  • send money using our online money transfer forex platfrom 24/7
  • transfer money to over 100 countries at great exchange rates
  • send payment requests and receive money from overseas for FREE

Simply register an account today and start saving on all your money transfers and international payments


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