how to transfer money to westpac bank in australia

How to Transfer Money to Westpac Bank in Australia?

Transferring money to a Westpac bank account in Australia is easy with Exchange4free.

Once you have registered an account with us, you can simply login to your account and start the online money transfer process which consists of 5 easy steps:

  • STEP 1 - enter money transfer details and book an FX rate

Here you will enter the country you are sending money from and select 'Australia' as the country to which you will be sending money. You will also specify what amount of money you are wanting to send in your local currency. Alternatively, you can enter the amount of AUD that you wish your beneficiary to receive. You will then click the 'Calculate' button and our online system will calculate an AUD exchange rate for your money transfer. You next step is to agree to the terms and conditions of the transfer and to book the rate on our system.

  • STEP 2 - choose a beneficiary to receive money

In this step you will setup you beneficiary account. This will include your recipient's information and the bank account to which the Australian Dollars will be deposited.

  • STEP 3 - confirm your money transfer

An overview of the details of your money transfer will be shown in step 3.

  • STEP 4 - select your payment method

The next step is to 'select a method of payment' for your money transfer. This is the method that you would like to pay for your transfer or 'send your funds' to Exchange4free. You will be given options to choose from; for example, paying by electronic funds transfer or paying buy debit or credit card.

  • STEP 5 - send your money to Exchange4free

The final step will show a confirmation that your transfer has been logged on our system. You might also be shown the bank details for our Exchange4free Clearing Account to which you will need to send your funds. These will also be emailed to you.

When your funds are received into our clearing account, our payments department will update your transfer status to received and process the payment to your recipient.