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Money Transfer Nigeria

Are you looking for the best and cheapest service to send money to Nigeria?

We help clients from all over the world with regular remittance and international payments to Nigeria. Our clients continue to use Exchange4free because off our unique service offering.

Whenever you use our service to send money online to Nigeria, you will pay no transfer fees:

  • FREE money transfers for 'Payers' - YOU don't pay to transfer your money to Nigeria
  • FREE money transfers for 'Receivers' - BENEFICIARIES don't pay to receive money from overseas

This means our clients earn significant savings when they use our money transfer service.

We also offer great exchange rates:

  • get the best NGN rate in the market to send your money

Our exchange rates to move your money to Nigeria are very competitive compared to using your local bank and other money transfer companies.

Our great rates and no fees mean you always get the best price on your transfer.

Extra benefits you will receive:

  • send money from over 40 countries
  • send to any bank account in Nigeria
  • arrange for a cash collection
  • easy to use online system
  • book a rate 24 hours a day
  • safe, secure and reliable


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