money transfer to canada

Money Transfer to Canada

Exchange4free offer a great service to send Canadian Dollars (CAD) to Canada.

Our service provides great value to our clients all around the world. We have a large payout network that spans the globe. Canadians working abroad or anyone needing to make a payment to Canada can send money from over 40 countries. We offer bank to bank (electronic funds transfer) money transfers to Canada.

Our best price guarantee ensures that you always get the best CAD exchange rate on your transfer and that you don't pay any service fee charges, sender fees and receiving fees. We always try to save our clients as much money as possible while still remaining profitable.

We are able to do this with our competitive pricing strategy. We are able to quote competitive margins off the interbank exchange rate that beat the banks, this is where we make our money, while still being able to charge no transfer fees to our clients.

In summary, we offer one of the best ways to make a money transfer to Canada because of our great benefits:

  • excellent foreign exchange rates on all Canada money transfers
  • no international transfer fees when sending to Canada
  • no Canadian bank receiving fees charged to recipients
  • make a transfer and book a rate 24 hours a day through our online system
  • safe and secure money transfers to Canada and over other 100 countries