money transfer to china

Do you need to send money to someone in China or perhaps pay a Chinese supplier or business partner? We can save you up to 20% on your next money transfer payment!

We can help and will save you money in the process with our competitive business model where we offer you:
  • the best CNY exchange rates in the market
  • free transfers with no international transfer fees
  • no commission charges or hidden costs
Simply open an account today and start saving on your money transfers to China. Whether you are sending a bit of money to a friend or family member in China or paying a Chinese supplier or business partner, we'll always offer our 'best price guarantee'.

Easy money transfer to China via cash payout

Once your account is active you'll be able to send money to friends or family in China using our cash payout services. Using our money transfer wizard, you can place a money transfer in a matter of minutes and in a few easy steps. Once you have confirmed your transfer and booked an exchange rate on our system you will need to make payment to us. Once we receive your funds we will send you a 'collection password'. Your recipient in China can the go to the China Post branch that you selected during the money transfer process and collect their CNY payout in cash.

International EFT payments to Chinese companies and corporations

For our clients needing to make international payments to China, we can assist with providing the best exchange rates on bank transfers to USD corporate bank accounts in China. On top of our competitive exchange rate quotes, you will also be charged no transfer fees and we will cover any receiving fee bank charges. For more information or for an indicative quote please call in and chat to one of our FX Dealers on how we can save you money on your next money transfer to China.