online money transfer to canada

What is the best online money transfer to Canada service?

Exchange4free provide one of the best ways to transfer money online to Canada.

What's makes our offering different to competitors is that we charge no transfer fees on our money transfers to Canada. There is no charge to send your funds. We convert the exact amount you want to send into Canadian Dollars and pay out your beneficiary.

Our exchange rates are also very competitive and in most cases the best that you can get in the market. We try to provide the best rates to our clients so they can save money when they send money to Canada. We also absorb any receiving fee charges by the Canadian banks. These charges would normally be charged to the recipient and be deducted from the CAD payout amount.

Why is Exchange4free the best online money transfer service?

The best service benefit to our clients is that we save them money by:

  • sending their funds to Canada at great CAD exchange rates
  • charging no transfer fees to send their funds
  • absorbing any receiving fees charged by the Canadian banks