Our Mission

We make it simpler, quicker and cheaper to buy or sell foreign exchange and send your money worldwide using our global payout network.

Our aim is to continually innovate and improve of service offering to our clients and to be the lowest costing money transfer and remittance provider in every market in which we operate offering the cheapest way to send money based on our 'Best Price Guarantee':

Highly competitive exchange rates

We offer extremely competitive foreign exchange rates to convert your money and transfer it abroad.

We also guarantee to beat any genuine FX quote from competitors ensuring that you always get the best price and value when you send your funds using our services.

Free international money transfers and payments

As our client you pay no international transfer or swift fees when you send money with us. We also cover any receiving fees often paid be recipients to receive funds from overseas.

Zero commission charges and no hidden costs

To this end, we have developed a market leading platform allowing clients to fix exchange rates and send money online via our bank transfer and cash payout services. We offer a high level of professional service, advanced technology and competitive pricing to all our customers ensuring they always get our 'Best Price Guarantee'.

Whether you are making international payments for your business, sending money abroad every few weeks or making regular remittance payments to family back in your home country; we make sure you receive the very best of everything on every transaction: Best Service, Best Price and Best Execution.

Best Service, Best Price and Best Execution

Exchange4free offer our clients a 'Best Price Guarantee' on your money transfer. Many clients don't take into account the effect that High Transfer Fees and Commissions have on the total cost of your money transfer. A simple USD 10 fee on a USD 100 money transfer costs you 10% in transfer fees alone! Exchange4free charge no transfer fees on all amounts. Our service and pricing is unique in the market offering our clients the very best of both worlds: