Receive and accept donations online from overseas?

Are you fundraising online or accepting online donations from overseas?

Our payment services allow non profits and charities to accept online donations from abroad for FREE. Using our payments system you can raise money online by receiving donations from over 40 countries via EFT (bank to bank transfer).

Benefits to non profits and charities accepting donations online:
  • Receive donations from over 40 countries around the world
  • Pay zero receiving fees to accept international payments
  • Setup multiple currency settlement bank accounts
Donators receive the following great benefits when making payment to you from overseas:
  • Highly competitive exchange rates
  • No transfer fees on all donations
  • Zero commissions or hidden costs
  • Safe and secure global payments

How to accept donations online from all over the world

  • Send donation Payment Requests

Simply open an account with us and send payment requests worldwide via email to people who wish to donate to your cause. These payment requests contain a secure payment link. The link will take the payer to a secure payment page on our system where they can make their donation.

  • Create your own 'Donations Page' to receive donations online

We are also able to setup is a 'donations button' or 'dedicated donations' page. This can be arranged in a matter of minutes. After clicking the button, people donating money to you will be taken to a secure payment page from which they can make a secure international payment, where they can pay via EFT (Bank Transfer) into a local bank account in their own country.

See as an example.