remit money to canada

I would like to remit money to Canada. What's my best option?

When remitting money to Canada, you want to make sure you are maximising your Canadian Dollar payout and minimising your costs to make the transfer.

Reducing your costs on your remmittance payment

Transfer costs will affect the amount of local currency you need to send. Costs can range from $5 to as much as $50 to remit your money to Canada.

Ensuring your recipient receives the maximum amount of money

The exchange rate you receive for your transfer and receiving fee charges will largely determine what amount of CAD your recipient ends up receiving into their bank account.

Money transfer services will provide you with an exchange rate at which they will convert your local funds into Canadian Dollars which will then be sent to your recipient. The better the rate, the more Canadian Dollars your beneficiary will end up with. Another thing to keep in mind is receiving fees charges. If your recipient is charged a receiving fee, it will be deducted from the sending amount, reducing the final CAD amount they receive.

Is Exchange4free my best option?

We offer one of the best ways to remit money to Canada because our main goal is to save our clients money. Our aim is to be the cheapest money transfer remitter across the globe. We do this through:

  • effective pricing where we offer clients great exchange rates
  • no transfer fee or receiving fee charges to senders and recipients

With the above strategy we are able to make money while at the same time ensuring you pay LESS and your recipient receives MORE.