save money on remittance payments to india

Save money on remittance payments to India

How do I remit money to India using Exchange4free's services?

We have the perfect solution for clients looking for a cost-effective remittance payment service. Many of our current clients work aboard and send money back home to friends and family still living in India. Their main goal is to maximize the payments that their family receive in India.

How does Exchange4free give value to clients by making remittance payments cheaper?

  1. we provide great INR exchange rates on all remittances to India
  2. their are no transfer fees on all transactions
  3. we absorb all receiving fees charged by India banks
  4. no commission charges or hidden costs

We make our money exclusively off the exchange rate margin where we charge between 1 and 2% off the interbank exchange rate. The banks and other MTOs (money transfer operators) will also charge this margin (which can be between 2-5% and above). It is important to make sure you are receiving a favourable exchange rate, as it is the rate at which your local funds will be converted into India Rupees. The better your rate, the more money your recipient will receive.

Our pricing allows us to achieve a satisfactory margin on all transactions, while charging our clients zero transfer fees and at the same time ensuring that our clients receive great exchange rates and value while using our services.

Register today and start saving from 5-30% on your remittance payments