i want to send inr to india at the best INR exchange rate

I want to send money to India at the best INR exchange rate

Exchange4free charge no fees or commissions on our money transfers and make money completely off the exchange rate margin.

This 'margin' is the difference between the 'interbank exchange rate' (see www.xe.com for current interbank exchange rates) and the rate that we quote you to send your money to India. We offer very competitive INR exchange rates where we quote between 1-2% off the interbank rate. Our competitiors quote anywhere between 3-5% (and above) to send your money and will in most cases also charge a transfer fee.

Our pricing allows us to achieve a satisfactory margin on all transactions while at the same time ensuring that our clients receive value while using our services. This means that we offer the cheapest way to send INR to India.

You don't have to worry about sending more money on your transfer because we don't charge a transfer fee. Your beneficiary will receive more money as they will never be charged a receiving fee (banks charge this deposit fee when receiving overseas funds). You will also maximize the receiving amount with our market beating INR exchange rate quotes.

We aim to provide the best money transfer company in the market by offering the best INR exchange rates to our clients and by reducing the cost of remitting money to India through our low-cost, no money transfer fee pricing model.

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