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Send money to over 100 countries worldwide with our quick, user-friendly money transfer service and pay zero international transfer fees

Exchange4free are a leading remittance service provider offering a Best Price Guarantee and the following benefits to our clients who send money with us:

  • Highly competitive exchange rates on money transfers and remittances
  • No fees on all international money transfers
  • Recipients are charged zero receiving fees
  • Zero commissions and no hidden costs
  • Login online and transact 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Safe and secure global transfers and remittance payments

We offer the cheapest way for corporate companies and private clients to send money online. Our easy to use online system allows our clients to book excellent foreign exchange rates on their international business payments and money transfers to their own accounts or to friends and family overseas.

Exchange4free clients PAY NO FEES on all their international payments and money transfers. There are no transfer or swift fees charged to our clients to send their funds. We charge zero commissions and there are no other hidden costs.

We make our money on the exchange rate that we quote you on your transfers and payments. Our pricing is highly competitive out-pricing the local banks and other money transfer companies. We guarantee to beat any quote from competitors!

Send money online at the best quotes off the interbank exchange rate!

Our clients send money at their convenience all over the world. Below are popular interbank forex rates for sending money to the United Kingdom, Europe, the United States and Canada. We are able to send money from over 40 countries all around the world.

Please note that these a mid-market rates (at which the banks buy and sell currency). All banks and money transfer operators quote clients off these rates. Please call us for a quote on any sized money transfer or open a no obligation account and click 'Send Money Online' to get a quote straight off our system!

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See below a list of frequently asked questions by new clients:

How do I send money using Exchange4free's online system?

Register an account on our website. Once your account is activated you can login to your account and start the money transfer process.

Simply indicate what amount of money you would like to send online and our system will quote you an exchange rate. Clients can call into our foreign exchange dealing desk on large amounts and get an unbeatable exchange rate from one of our FX dealers.

Once your rate has been agreed and your transaction is placed on our system, you will be able to choose how to pay your funds to Exchange4free. Once these funds are received into our clearing account we will make payment to your beneficiary.


STEP 1: REGISTER an account on our website

Complete the Online Registration Form and gain access to our broad range of services

  • Money Transfers
  • Interbank Exchange Rates
  • Corporate Forex
  • Payment Solutions
  • Travel Money
  • Mobile Transfers




STEP 2: LOGIN and send money online to your friends and family

Login with your Member ID and Password 24 hours a day, 7 days a week



How much money can I send online?

Clients can send the following amounts online:

  • Minimum = USD 100
  • Maximum = No Maximum

What exchange rate can I expect on my money transfer?

Exchange4free offer guaranteed best exchange rates to our clients. You can send money for free and at the very best rates in the market. We will beat any quote from competitors!

Our foreign exchange dealing desk will help you to secure the very best FX rate when sending money online. You will be charged no fees or commissions on your international money transfer. We will also cover all inbound receiving fees, which the banks and other money transfer operators charge to your beneficiary.

Call us for unbeatable quoted money transfer exchange rates:

South Africa: +27 11 453 7818

United Kingdom: +44 207 858 1038

Australia: +61 280 149 355

New Zealand: +64 928 06 261

Canada: +1 250 483 5205

How much does it cost to send money with Exchange4free?

We charge NO FEES OR COMMISSIONS on all bank to bank and cash collection money transfers. We offer a completely free service with no hidden costs:

  • No international transfer fees or commissions to send money online worldwide
  • No inbound receiving fees charged (to beneficiaries) by banks (up to 80 USD per payment!)

What about bank fees charged to my beneficiary to receive international payments?

Exchange4free will cover all inbound receiving fees charged by banks to receive money from overseas.

Banks and competitors may not cover this inbound receiving fee charged to the beneficiary when sending money online.

How can I send my money to you once I have placed a transaction and booked an exchange rate?

During the booking process a client will be able to choose how they would like to send their funds to Exchange4free. The options available are outlined below:

  • bank transfer - EFT payment in your local currency to an Exchange4free clearing account in your country
  • debit or credit card - 3D secure payment using Visa or MasterCard (limits and fees applicable)
  • Barclays Pingit - UK clients can send funds using Pingit

What payout options are available for sending money?

A variety of payout options are available:

  • clients can send money online into bank accounts throughout the world
  • cash collections are available for certain countries, where beneficiaries can collect cash from nationwide payout locations
  • payments to mobile money transfers are also available for selected countries

What countries can I send money to using Exchange4free's services?

Our clients can send money from over 40 countries to the below destinations:
CountryPayout CurrencyPayout Solutions
Abkhazia United States Dollars x ? x
Angola Angolan Kwanza x ? x
Angola United States Dollars ? ? x
Argentina Argentina Pesos ? ? x
Armenia United States Dollars x ? x
Australia Australia Dollars ? x x
Austria Euro ? x x
Azerbaijan United States Dollars x ? x
Bahrain Bahrain Dinars ? x x
Bangladesh Bangladesh Taka ? ? x
Belarus United States Dollars x ? x
Belgium Euro ? x x
Bolivia Bolivia Bolivianos ? ? x
Botswana Botswana Pulas ? x x
Brazil Brazil Real ? x x
Bulgaria Euro ? x x
Burkina Faso CFA Franc (XOF) ? ? x
Cameroon Central African Franc (XAF) ? ? x
Canada Canadian Dollars ? x x
Chile Chile Pesos ? ? x
Chile United States Dollars x ? x
China China Yuan Renminbi ? ? x
China United States Dollars ? x x
Colombia Colombia Pesos ? ? x
Costa Rica Costa Rica Colones ? ? x
Costa Rica United States Dollars ? ? x
Croatia Croatia Kuna ? x x
Cyprus Euro ? x x
Czech Republic Czech Republic Koruny ? x x
Denmark Denmark Kroner ? x x
Dominican Republic Dominican Republic Pesos ? ? x
Dominican Republic United States Dollars ? ? x
DRC United States Dollars ? ? x
Ecuador United States Dollars ? ? x
Egypt Egyptian Pound ? x x
Egypt United States Dollars ? ? x
Egypt Euro ? ? x
El Salvador United States Dollars ? ? x
Estonia Euro ? x x
Estonia United States Dollars ? ? x
Ethiopia Ethiopian Birr ? ? x
Finland Euro ? x x
France Euro ? x x
Gambia Gambian Dalasi ? ? x
Georgia United States Dollars x ? x
Germany Euro ? x x
Ghana Ghana Cedis ? ? ?
Greece Euro ? ? x
Guatemala Guatemala Quetzales x ? x
Guatemala United States Dollars ? x x
Guernsey United Kingdom Pounds ? x x
Guinea Guinea Francs ? ? x
Honduras Honduras Lempiras ? ? x
Hungary Hungary Forint ? x x
India Indian Rupee ? x x
Indonesia Indonesian Ringitt ? x x
Ireland Euro ? x x
Isle of Man United Kingdom Pounds ? x x
Israel Israel New Shekels ? x x
Israel United States Dollars ? ? x
Italy Euro ? x x
Ivory Coast CFA ranc (XOF) ? ? x
Jersey United Kingdom Pounds ? x x
Kazakhstan United States Dollars x ? x
Kenya Kenya Shillings ? ? ?
Kyrgyzstan United States Dollars x ? x
Latvia United States Dollars x ? x
Lesotho South Africa Rand ? x x
Lithuania Lithuania Litai ? x x
Lithuania United States Dollars x ? x
Luxembourg Euro ? x x
Madagascar Madagascar Ariary ? ? x
Malawi Malawi Kwacha ? x x
Malaysia Malaysia Ringgits ? ? x
Mali CFA Franc (XOF) ? ? x
Malta Euro ? x x
Mauritius Mauritius Rupees ? x x
Mexico Mexico Peso ? ? x
Moldova Euro ? x x
Moldova United States Dollars x ? x
Monaco Euro ? x x
Mongolia United States Dollars x ? x
Morocco Moroccan Dirham ? ? x
Mozambique Mozambique Meticais ? x x
Mozambique United States Dollars ? ? x
Namibia Namibia Dollars ? x x
Nepal Nepal Rupees ? ? x
Netherlands Euro ? x x
New Zealand New Zealand Dollars ? x x
Niger CFA Franc (XOF) ? ? x
Nigeria Nigeria Nairas ? ? x
Norway Norway Kroner ? x x
Pakistan Pakistan Rupees x ? x
Panama United States Dollars ? ? x
Paraguay Paraguay Guarani ? ? x
Peru United States Dollars ? ? x
Philippines Philippines Pesos ? ? x
Poland Poland Zlotych ? x x
Portugal Euro ? x x
Romania Euro ? x x
Russian Federation Russian Rubles ? x x
Russian Federation United States Dollars ? ? x
Rwanda Rwanda Francs ? ? x
Senegal CFA Franc (XOF) ? ? x
Serbia Euro ? x x
Sierra Leone Sierra Leonean Leone x ? x
Slovakia Euro ? x x
Slovenia Euro ? x x
South Africa South African Rand ? x x
Spain Euro ? x x
Sri Lanka Sri Lanka Rupees x ? x
Swaziland South Africa Rand ? x x
Sweden Sweden Kronor ? x x
Switzerland Switzerland Francs ? x x
Tajikistan United States Dollars x ? x
Thailand Thai Baht ? x x
Turkmenistan United States Dollars x ? x
Uganda Uganda Shilling ? ? x
Ukraine United States Dollars x ? x
United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates Dirhams ? x x
United Kingdom British Pound ? x x
Uruguay United States Dollars ? ? x
Uruguay Uruguay Pesos ? ? x
Uzbekistan United States Dollars x ? x
Venezuela Venezuela Bolivares x ? x
Zambia Zambia Kwacha ? x x
Zambia United States Dollars ? ? x
Zimbabwe United States Dollars ? ? x

Are Exchange4free authorised and regulated worldwide?

Exchange4free adheres to the highest levels of compliance and anti-money laundering regulations.

United Kingdom and Europe

Exchange4free is regulated and authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) as an Authorised Payment Institution (Licence - 502845) to provide money remittance and payment services under the Payment Services Directive (PSD).

Exchange4free is also regulated by Her Majesty's Customs and Excise (HMCE - 12192983) and is a member of the UK Money Transmitters Association (UKMTA).

Australia and New Zealand

Exchange4free is regulated as a Money Service Business (MSB) by AUSTRAC (Licence - RNP100208196-00)

South Africa

Exchange4free South Africa is regulated as an authorised Financial Services Provider (FSP -36093) by the Financial Services Board (FSB).


Exchange4free is regulated as a Money Service Business (MSB) by FINTRAC in Canada (Licence - M09086568)


Exchange4free are a licenced remittance company in the Philippines.


Exchange4free is regulated by the State of Israel Capital Market Authoriity as a foreign exchange services provider.


Exchange4free Zimbabwe is a licenced money transfer company and Bureau de Change operator by the Central Bank of Zimbabwe (CBZ).