send money online to canada

Send money online to Canada

We have developed a easy to use money transfer platform that allows our clients to send money online to Canada conveniently in the comfort of your own home.

  • Simply login into your account using a computer, laptop or tablet
  • Select the 'Send Money Online' option
  • Enter your transfer details and secure an exchange rate
  • Create your beneficiary account to which you will send the Canadian Dollars
  • Confirm your transfer details
  • Select method of payment (EFT or credit card)
  • Make payment to our Exchange4free Clearing Account

Once these funds are received we will payout your recipient.

What benefits do you offer?

We guarantee to save you money on your money transfer to Canada.

All our money transfers to Canada are done at the best CAD exchange rates in the market. This means we convert your local currency that you are sending from into Canadian Dollars at better rates than the banks and our competitors. We also charge no transfer fees to send your money and cover any receiving fees charged by the Canadian banks.

  • Send money from over 40 different countries no pay no fees
  • Transfer money via credit card to Canada at the lowest costs
  • Safe and secure online money transfers through our online system