send money online to south africa

Are you looking for an easy to use money transfer service?

We provide a simple solution to send money online to South Africa at the lowest costs and best possible Rand exchange rates.

Who are our clients and how do we help them?

Various people around the globe use our money saving services for a wide range of reasons. Some are coming to South Africa for a holiday and would like to save some money on the total cost they will pay on their trip. Unfavourable exchange rates and service fees can increase this cost significantly. Others are working abroad in a foreign country and need help sending their money back home to SA.

We have also assisted many clients with emigrating overseas, sending their money out of the country. Many of these clients require our services to send money back to South Africa and know that we offer one of the best services in the market.

What benefits will I receive with Exchange4free?

By opening an Exchange4free account, you can gain access to all our services and will be able to transfer money from over 40 countries to any bank in South Africa, all while receiving our great benefits outlined below:
  • best South African Rand exchange rate quotes
  • no international transfer fees on all amounts
  • recipients pay zero receiving fees charged by SA banks
  • zero commissions and no hidden costs
  • save up to 20% on your money transfers
  • send money online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • book a rate using our safe and secure online system