send money online uae

What is the best way to send money online to UAE?

Exchange4free provide an excellent service to send money to the United Arab Emirates.

We have created an easy to use online system that will allow you to send money online in the comfort of your own home at:

  • the AED best exchange rates in the market
  • no transfer fees, receiving fees, commissions or hidden costs

Simply login to your account and start the 5 step money transfer booking process:

STEP 1 - Booking a money transfer

During the first step you will enter the details of your transfer. You will select the country and currency you are sending money from and select United Arab Emirates as your destination country. You will then select the 'sending amount' or 'receiving amount' for your transfer and click the 'calculate' button. Our system will then provide you with an AED exchange rate for your money transfer to the UAE.

STEP 2 - Create a beneficiary

Enter your recipient's bank account details and setup your beneficiary account. This is the account to which we will send your money. The beneficiary account details will be saved and can easily be selected for future transfers.

STEP 3 - Confirm details of money transfer

In this step an overview of your money transfer will be provided for you to confirm.

Step 4 - Select payment method

The system will provide you with payment method options for you to pay for your money transfer. You will be able to pay by EFT (electronic Funds transfer) and for certain countries, by credit card.

Step 5 - Send your funds to Exchange4free

In our final step you will be reminded to make your payment to us. Our bank details will also be provode