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Exchange4free guarantee the cheapest and most convenient way to send money to Nepal.

  • Send money for FREE to Nepal
  • Best NPR exchange rates
  • No fees and zero commission
  • Book live rates 24/7 or call us
  • Bank transfers into any bank account in Nepal
  • Safe and secure money transfers to Nepal

Exchange4free are a leading money transfer and remittance service offering a quick, easy and convenient way to send money online. We offer great value to our clients by providing great NPR exchange rates, the lowest possible costs, no transfer fees and zero commissions.

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CountryPayout CurrencyPayout Solutions
Nepal NPR x x

You can choose to send NPR to Nepal by cash payout

  • Cash Collections

Arrange for your beneficiary to collect NPR cash from one of our payout locations in Nepal

The table below shows various currency pairs for sending money to Nepal. These interbank rates, at which the banks buy and sell currency, are continually changing. To update the rates, press the refresh button located at the top left side of the table.

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You will be priced off these mid-market rates when you want to send money overseas to Nepal. Call into our FX Dealing Room and ask one of our FX Dealers for an indicative quote on your Nepal money transfer or get a rate directly off our website. We guarantee to send your money to Nepal for FREE and at the best exchange in the market.

How do I send money to Nepal?

First you need to register an account with us. Once your account is activated you will be able to access all our services.

Placing an online money transfer is simple. After typing in the amount of money you want to send to Nepal you will be quoted a NPR exchange rate. On larger amounts you can call in and get a quoted rate from one of our FX Dealers.

Once the money transfer and NPR rate has been agreed and booked on our system, you will be able to select how you want to send your funds to Exchange4free. Once we receive your funds we will payout your chosen beneficiary.


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How much money can I send?

Clients can send the following amounts to Nepal:

  • Minimum = USD 100
  • Maximum = No Maximum

What will it cost to transfer my money?

Exchange4free charges NO FEES OR COMMISSIONS to send money worldwide. We offer a completely free service:

  • No international transfer fees
  • Zero commissions and no hidden costs
  • No inbound receiving fees charged by Nepal banks

What NPR exchange rates do you offer to Nepal?

Exchange4free offer guaranteed best NPR exchange rates to our clients. We will beat any quote!

You can send money to Nepal for free and at the best NPR rates in the market.

Do you cover all inbound receiving fees charged by the Nepal banks?

Yes. Exchange4free covers all inbound receiving fees charged by Nepal banks to receive money from overseas.

Other banks and competitors may not cover this inbound receiving fee charged to the beneficiary when sending money into Nepal.

What payout options are available for sending money to Nepal?

Clients can send money to Nepal in the following ways:

  • NPR money transfers via cash payout where beneficiaries collect cash

Get an unbeatable NPR exchange rate to Nepal quote!

Call our foreign exchange dealing desk to secure the very best NPR exchange rate quote when sending money to Nepal. We will charge no fees, zero commissions and cover all inbound receiving fees charged by Nepal banks.

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