send philippines currency online

Send Philippines Currency Online

Do you need to send money to someone in the Philippines?

We can help you to send money from over 100 countries to your recipient in the Philippines.

The process is simple and our service saves you money.

  1. after registering an account you can login using your Member ID and Password
  2. click on the 'Send Money Online' option to start the process
  3. enter your money transfer details and select 'Philippines' as your destination country
  4. type in your sending amount and click 'Calculate' to get an exchange rate quote

Our online system will quote you a PHP exchange rate at which you can transfer your money. Once you have agreed to the rate and our terms, you can click 'Continue' to proceed.

We will then convert your 'sending amount' currency into Philippines Currency (Philippine Pesos or PHP) at the agreed exchange rate. Once we receive your payment for the money transfer, we will pay your beneficiary out.

Why should I buy and send Philippines Currency using your services?

  • our great exchange rates mean you will get more PHP
  • we charge no transfer fees to send the money for you
  • your recipient won't pay any receiving fees
  • you can book a rate and send your money online at your convenience
  • the online system operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week