sending money to new zealand from uk

How can Exchange4free help me with sending money to New Zealand from United Kingdom?

We assist clients living and working in the United Kingdom with sending money to New Zealand and makingĀ international foreign exchange payments from the United Kingdom.

Our money transfer process is quite simple and can be completed in 5 easy steps after you have registered an account with us. To register an account click here, fill in your details on our registration page and send us the required documentation for our compliance and anti-money laundering checks. We will send you a confirmation email once your account has been activated.

Logging into your Account

You can login to your account using your unique username Member ID and password. After logging in, ourĀ money transfer wizard will be accessible, through which you can view your account details, send money worldwide and access our other foreign exchange services.

Send your money overseas for FREE

Simply click on the 'Send Money Online' tab in our money transfer wizard to start the money transfer process.

  • Step 1: Book a NZD exchange rate for your money transfer
  • Step 2: Create/Select a beneficiary account with recipient details
  • Step 3: Confirm your money transfer
  • Step 4: select your payment method
  • Step 5: Pay your money into an Exchange4free clearing account

Our benefits sending British Pounds to New Zealand Dollars through Exchange4free

  1. Our clients receive the very best GBPNZD foreign exchange rates on every money transfer
  2. All transactions are free of fees - we charge no swift transfer fees and absorb all receiving bank fees
  3. There are no hidden costs or commission charges - the amount we state will be paid out is the amount your recipient will receive
  4. The Exchange4free system operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week; so you will always be able to login and book a transfer with us
  5. Beneficiaries will receive their money 2/3 days after we receive your money into our clearing account
  6. We comply fully with all money transfer regulations and our system is safe and secure

Our main benefit to our clients sending money to New Zealand from UK is that we save them money.

  • money transfer 'senders' pay less money
  • money transfer 'receivers' receive more money

We offer competitive GBPNZD exchange rates that out-price the local UK banks and our competitors and charge no swift transfer fees. We charge no commissions and absorb any foreign bank receiving fees. Register an account today and save sending pound sterling to New Zealand dollars.