why send money to the Philippines using Exchange4free

Why should I send money to the Philippines using Exchange4free?

There are great benefits to using our services as opposed to your local bank or another money transfer operator (MTO) to send money to the Philippines.

1. Banks and MTOs can quote high margins off the interbank exchange rate

The interbank rate is the rate at which the big banks buy and sell currency. These rates are updated every second and can be found on a website like www.xe.com. Your bank or MTO prices you off this rate. The difference between the interbank rate and the exchange rate which they offer to convert and send your funds is known as the 'exchange rate margin'.

These margins can be between 3-5% (or more in some instances). We offer all our clients highly competitive margins and exchange rates on all their money transfers. Our margins will be between 0.75-2% off the current interbank exchange rate. The margin will depend on the amount of money you are sending, larger amounts will receive more favourable exchange rates.

2. International (swift) transfer and receiving bank fees

When you transfer through Exchange4free, not only will you be receiving a great exchange rate, but we also won't charge you any transfer fees. There are normally two fees charged when making an overseas money transfer. The first is an international swift transfer fee and the second is a fee charged by the receiving bank to receive the international funds. We save our clients by covering both these charges.

We also guarantee there are no hidden costs or commissions charged when you send Philippines Pesos using Exchange4free. The amount we say will be sent to to your overseas destination is the amount that your beneficiary will receive into their account.


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You will receive the following great benefits when you send money to Philippines using our services:

  • best PHP exchange rates
  • no international transfer or receiving fees
  • no commission or hidden costs
  • book an exchange rate for you transfer 24 hours a day
  • easy to use online money transfer booking system
  • safe and secure hassle-free money transfers

How do I transfer money to the Philippines?

First you need to register an account with us.




Once your account is activated you will be able to access all our services and book a money transfer.

Placing an online money transfer is simple.

After typing in the amount of money you want to send to Philippines you will be quoted a PHP exchange rate. On larger amounts you can call in and get a quoted rate from one of our FX Dealers.

Once the money transfer and GBP rate has been agreed and booked on our system, you will be able to select how you want to send your funds to Exchange4free. Once we receive your funds we will payout your chosen beneficiary.

Register an account today and start taking advantage of our great service offering and benefits